Sunday, February 28, 2010

From the Imagination of Brian Scheer:

This piece has a bit of history. I work with some of the funniest, people a person could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Lunchtime is when some of the most hilarious conversations happen, mostly on the way to some eatery or another.

I had bought a book of pin-up art for study and happened to be at Mr. Scheer's house, when I noticed how awful some of the pin-ups were. While some are a traditional appreciation of one of the finest forms known to man, some are as demeaning and insulting as black minstrel shows. The worst were the "humorous" titles floating next to the sultry, yet embarrassing figures. Brian took a look and sprang into this creation of a "Sexy" Minotaur, I don't really fully know how this became a topic of discussion, but, here it came from the ectoplasmic miasma of imagination.

I agreed to draw such a beast, even though I had not known where to begin. I knew what a Minotaur was, and knew it needed a pin-up body but, I didn't really feel up to the challenge. I began a few sketches but, nothing worthwhile or worthy of showing. For almost two years Brian kept after me to draw The Sexy Minotaur, finally I thought it would be a good story and a fantastic post. So I took an old sketch and went to work. You see the result and I have one question for any onlookers...

Is it not sexy?

The games we play.

First notes than fun. I have made special notice that in the last two weeks my productivity has been up 90% since this blog began. I'm almost at a drawing a night. This may not seem a big deal to some but, for me it is noteworthy. I will be posting again tonight, for I have finished my last projects and am anxious to post the upcoming contenders.

Now without further ado, I bring more Star Wars fun. First, Ewoks.
And here they are. Not much to say other than I may have to do them over. I like they way they turned out for an illustration but, they aren't as I conic because they lack symmetry. I'll fix them after the major players are done, until then , enjoy.
I had loads of fun finishing this little guy. I like jawas a lot. They kinda remind me of Tonberry's Not much to say other than vinyl stickers ... soon. If you want your very own vinyl jawa, let me know.

And finally to finish the Star Wars fun this week, is good old Trap detector, our Admiral Ackbar.
Easy Peasy! I want one myself. The sketches are really a good pre-drawing for the finals. I don't like to leave much improvising to illustrator but, if I have to I will. This piece took no time and was almost all improvising. Illustrating on the fly! That's not it sports fan I still have to wow, amaze and disturb you with my next post, courtesy of my good friend,Brian Scheer.

Friday, February 26, 2010

it's that time again.


for my update today i thought i'd share with you all this.

my mother got me a book of blank watercolor postcards.
and this is the first one that i fiddled around with.
at the time i wasn't thinking much about what i was doing, just fudging in shapes. but when i was all done i realized i had painted a scary criminal, and as such couldn't actually mail it to anyone.

oh well. at least you guys get to see it here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

IT'S A TRAP! No, It's just more Star Wars fun for my vinyl stickers. I felt I should get some of the minor characters out of the way and build a small library of frisket pieces. So, with my next update I will be posting progress on these three pawns and something comical and disturbing at the same time. A while,couple years ago, I was given a request to construct something "sexy" that should never be paired in the same sentence with such a word. I did several sketches but, never anything serious. This Sunday you'll see why and in that way, my friends, it is indeed A TRAP!

I also seriously need to place on the agenda a new banner for this blog and finish my signature stamp of approval. All in good time, but, you can bet, that time will involve this weekend.

What a hellacious day. Hellacious isn't a word but, it's the non-word I'm using. I am safe at home and able to finally post my tiny darth maul. He turned out pretty well I'd say and I even included the storm trooper I did a while back ago. I'll be posting my next project later tonight, but, I had to get this one up before 12 a.m. ... DONE!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

doodles from the window seat.

hi there gang.
well, the first post is always the tricky one isn't it?
i wish i had something cooler to show off up front. to be honest i'm a little under the weather just now, so it's lucky you're getting anything at all.

i stopped carrying my gameboy on the bus and switched back to a little sketchbook.
these are all done with an underdrawing of design markers, and inked with microns.

^i don't have anything interesting to say about these faces.

^this guy originates from a story where he eats things through the black hole in his chest. i'll elaborate on that later.

^this is some strange monkey man who works in a mailroom some where. i don't have a backstory for him.

^i felt like drawing a scott pilgrim/anime girl. i named her 'annie may,' have nine billion people thought of that before i did? i'm guessing so. while i was finishing up her drawing an elderly gentleman asked me to draw a portrait of his elderly friend. i had to respectfully decline.

^no design makers on her, just went straight for the inks. i'm sort of biting ross cambell's style in this one, and that's being generous to me, it's a pale imitation really. if you sort of like it and you don't know who ross is, look him up, i'm not a fraction of the artist he is. no false modesty, he's a monster at drawing ladies.

^i love this guy. fat cartoon guys are just so much fun to draw! he looks like he's about to say something important, but i confess, i have no idea what it is.

^a little mega man fan art.

^she's in progress. that big blue dot in her right eyebrow is from when i fell asleep on the bus with my sketchbook open and the pen in my hand just sat on the page for a few seconds.

and that will do it for this time around.
i've got another update coming up on friday. tuesday and friday are my update days. be sure to check in for ronald too though, you can expect his updates on sunday and thursday.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Darth Smaul

So my first post is something I should've finished months ago but, kept getting distracted. It's a part of a series of decals I've been wanting to finish. This time they will be finished. In following with the rule of no more then four WIP's being posted I'm only going to post this one for now. We'll see how much I progress by Thursday, eh.

Works in Progres...Make Progress

Welcome to the Ink Cells blog. Everyone who produces something is familiar with the process of executing a good idea. This execution is a combination of inspiration, idea and Invention/Actualization. I like to call these the 3 Eyes of creating. Sometimes for creative individuals those Eyes get infected, cloudy, irritated and in more extreme cases completely blinded. This is such a tragedy because the world (despite what you may think) Needs your point of view. Without your 3 Eyes how can you describe what the world needs.

This Blog is a call to arms. It's my goal to stay creative and creating. Procrastination can be a big problem for my three eyes. It colors my ideas with thoughts of "Always having time" to do them later, It blocks me from seeing inspiration or finding time to act on it and blinds me from seeing how to actualize or produce my original ideas. I'm taking a stand against it with this blog.

Ink Cells is a blog that holds me and the members there of, of being accountable to our creative projects. Posted here are first, Works in Progress and eventually a finished result. Posts must be made twice every week and if a deadline is not met a small penalty is paid by the abuser. There are 11 rules and they are simple and easy guidelines to follow. With that said here is my first post.