Friday, August 20, 2010

the stylish hurdle.


style is the monster that gives with one hand and beats you raw with the other.
i need to find the right style for a collaboration, so i whipped these up to help guide me in the right direction.
i thought it was interesting as a bit in and of itself.
anyone want to vote for a favorite?

Friday, August 13, 2010

i wish i had no bones.


i haven't updated in a while.
i didn't forget about you, my neglected little blogorino.
things have just been in a bit of an uproar this past month or so.
i (foolishly) agreed to work something to the tune of 60 hours of overtime over a three week period, it's left me with little time off. and what scraps of sand flitting thought the hour glass i could manage i tried to give to my darling sarah, who has just departed for her final year in new york.

i'm looking forward to this weekend more than i care to admit, but even that hollow victory sends me to an empty house.
unless you count all the cats.
which i don't.
because they smell funny.