Tuesday, March 30, 2010

holy free holies!


man, i tell you guys what, sometimes things all come together in a magical sort of way. my friends have hooked me up this week in ways that i would not have thought possible. if things continue as they are it's only a short matter of time until a small clan of gnomes proclaim me sort sort of deity.
my inkcell cohort and artistic partner in crime ron passed me his old computer filled to the brim with delightful programs i've been too cheap to hook myself up with, to sweeten the pot he threw in a wacom tablet. and then scant days later my rpg card playing homie dave gave me his old scanner, actually he fed me and paid me a consultation fee before giving me his old scanner.
to further abuse my good fortune i've been toying with flash on ron's old computer and watching tutorials on the laptop my brother gave me a year or so ago. to push things into overload i've had futurama playing in the distant background.
i'm in geek ecstasy!

given my obscene good fortune i pledge to update again later on today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rolling on

Well, it's Sunday,and a posting I will go. I had a great day today, it had all the elements I consider fun. And as promised a Star Wars post. I've finished most of Yoda. It's all colors at this point. So, this post isa small one but, bear with me, I've only begun to roll the ball.

Friday, March 26, 2010



hoo buddy, i'm walking the razor's edge here. let's get this update on!

^this is rom, he's a character that my pal charles has been drawing. i was inspired by charles drive into the world of graphic novels when last i saw him, so i decided to draw his titular character.
he was originally penciled on a pink post it.
i'm working on a cooler one at home, so expect to see some updates about that later.
i have written it, so now it must come to pass, as per the rules of this blog!

^these are just some glyphs i was toying around with.
icons make the world a better place, don't you agree?

anyway, i know that as a post this is pretty sour.
i'm ashamed.
now i must use this feeling of shame to fuel myself into doing better.

until tuesday, lads.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eleventh Hour

I've missed more than a fair share of posts, but, I've returned. My Star Wars fun was hamperedby some harsh realities, but, I'm a man of options and found a few. In preparation for SPACE Con. I have three images I have to complete. The Star Wars figures will be finished this Spring, but, limits exist and I haven't found a way to break all the limits...If only I had a Buster Sword.

This image was drawn years ago but, I've always wanted to paint it. Though my next posting will be a Star Wars update, this one is in the queue. I am now at three projects. Some redrawing is needed and if I do some redrawing I'll be posting a newer version of A Faun In The Ivy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

i promised, didn't i?


as promised, here's the wereraccoon i couldn't upload last time around.

have a good weekend all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


aw! i'm two bucks in the hole here guys.
two dollars down the drain that i could have held onto and bought a soft taco supreme if only i had the gusto to update here like i'm supposed to.
but for one of those days i outright forgot, as in, the day came and went without it even regestering that i needed to post something.
for shame.

i'm having some technical troubles here tonight.
i sketched out a pretty wild wereraccoon, but i can't get it to upload.
i'll try and get it scanned in when i go back in to work.
until then, please make due with these:

^this is an armadillo creature named hugh. hugh is a member of a knightly order called the line of sheilds. he's part of a story that i began concepting a while ago with a friend. the problem was, as is inevitably an issue when i collaborate, that i grow weary of the back and forth that is necessary in a two man opperation. talking everything out gets tiresome.

^this speaks for itself doesn't it? it's a beefy superman with an anime frown.
what's not to like?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well, it was a chore, a fun chore but a chore none the less. This week I had little time in the early week, but, I was able to crank out lines for Slave Leia and Palpatine. I've been thinking a lot of these vinyl pieces, almost to the point of making a few later even after these are finished. I have co-workers who I'd like to shrink, and several others. But, that is for a different time.

Yoda and Battle Ready Leia are on Deck. I'm excited to see Yoda, it'll be the first Jedi I make.


Got my Banner finally.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Banner and Banned

Well, I completed a new banner for the site, but, I don't think I can posted due to limited authorization. Which is not horrible, just a minor inconvenience. Either way, here it is. Nathan, if you would be so kind, please post it, that is of course if it's to your liking.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ughhh part 3

It's in, the update for star wars mini's. More to come.
Nope, I wasn't gonna pay that dollar,pals. I've learned my lesson though, I won't say I'm posting something till it's already done.

Ughhh part 2

I don't want to pay a dollar so I am still going to post an update before 12:00.


Ok this is a two fold attack. I had a horribly busy weekend so this first post is a project I've been wanting to finish for a while. It means nothing to anyone but me, which is perfect because it is actually a practice assignment. It's one of my favorite characters of all time...

Friday, March 5, 2010

some character sketches, who said i couldn't?


is it my turn for show and tell?
oh, good!
i've been trying to write up a little story. and little stories come with character sketches.
to begin i knew that the yarn i'm spinning would have two guys in it, and that they are roommates. so i began doodling lumpy little faces in my sketchbook one day, perhaps while watching ocean's twelve.

^this was the first page that landed my some paydirt as i began to settle into how i wanted their heads to be shaped. you can see them in the upper left area. you can also see along the bottom how i very nearly ended up making one of them look like peter griffin.

^after that i did another sketch to try and further my progress.

^on the bus i revised the faces again, tweaking them as i saw fit, because i'm mad with power.

^this is wallace, he enjoys nerdish things openly.

^this is rusty, he secretly likes nerdish things.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I confess

I don't know or care how to actually spell, Princess Laya's name. In case my nerd points are on a scale I care very little about the whole Star Wars business, I like lightsabers and the idea of Jedi's other than that...

Ambitions of a over zealous artist

I was over anxious last week, I finished two commitments in one weekend and was so excited, I planned to get ahead for SPACE Con with 5 new Star Wars mini's but, what actually happened is I didn't consider the weekly activities and didn't make my verbal commitment. I payed for that with my own money and was sad to see that dollar go. The lesson I learned is:

Be realistic in all endeavors. So this week I'm posting three finished drawings and one sketch that by next post will be a finished drawing. With that and nearly 30 mins. to spare here is Princess Laya, Slave Laya, Yoda and the Infamous Palpatine.

I'll be posting the progress of these four this Sunday. They always turn out to look a little different but, I can't wait to see what gels.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a scant update


good evening kids.
a bit of a scant update from me this time around.
and filthy pics from my camera, not fancy shmancy scans.
but an update is an update, right?

^it's a puffy nippled bigfoot.

^ron and i were talking about aliens.
there's something about the classic design i love.