Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i look good on the beach.


i'm out of town again!
but that's no reason not to post is it? hardly.
this time around i've ventured south, into the wilds of florida to visit my aunt, and cousin and his wife, and a few other far flung relations.

i had to break down and buy some shorts for the trip, i've been melting this summer in the midwest, what's going to happen to me that far south?!
i'm going to try and stay indoors as much as possible and in the A/C as much as possible, and if possible, try and totally kick my brothers ass at 'fire emblem' on the DS.
it won't happen though because he's a filthy cheater.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Severed ... at the HAND!

OKAY~It's true, I haven't perished in a peril of pixel spikes, nor have I lost all my heart points with no green potion to spare, nor has my life bar been lowered by a series of crazy punches and kicks.

This month has just simply been amazingly busy, and I've been way more than helpful is all. My sister and my beloved nieces & nephew are moving 9 hours away and I have made myself available to help them at nearly any cost. The saga continues, but, we're coming to the end of this tale &, ,my friends, I've been busy, but not too busy to not draw. Though I haven't been posting.

Here is the latest image I've been working on:
It's good to be back and with something to show for my absence. All I have to finish are those little pom poms in her hair and actually create a background...it would've been done, but, had a surprise trip to Virginia yesterday and am still there. Still, I'm glad to be back!

Friday, June 25, 2010

my precious little life needs a face punching.


he was trying to do me a favor, i shouldn't make fun of him...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the rising mulcimber.

he lives!
no, this isn't ron, this is nathan.
but i'm channeling ron, acting as his proxy.
tonight i got a picture message with THIS in it!

like a blurry photo of bigfoot i submit this as evidence that ronald lives and walks among us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

krabby patty.


off day!
i couldn't think of anything fun to draw today.
this was suggested by my studio audience.
a mermaid eating a sandwich.

i think she's so underwhelmed because the bun is soggy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

queen toad and the marshmallow dog.


happy friday everyone!
today's post contains not one but two, count them! TWO inside jokes.
now, a sane person might be asking what the point is of sharing an inside joke in a public forum?
but they wouldn't be thinking about this blog now would they?
this isn't a public forum, amirite?

^my father has several nicknames for my mother. at first glance they don't seem very complimentary. but my mother, god bless her, she wears them with pride. it might help that he first called her "the queen of toads" when she was beating him soundly at Yahtzee (or was it mumblety-peg? i don't recall).
it's my mom's birthday today. she's young at heart, so it doesn't matter that i don't know how old she is does it? i wouldn't tell you anyways. that's rude.

^and now friends, a tribute to sammy. if ever a dog could have been a creme puff it was her. she was once and ever shall be the marshmallow dog to me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

happy picard day!


if you wear your starfleet uniform with pride then you must already know that june 16th is picard day!
a special day when we take a moment to honor that noblest of captains jean-luc picard. i was really hoping to have my entry all done before the day itself, but the 15th is fast drawing to a close.
so instead you get to see my work in progress.

picard seems like the person you least like to have around on picard day. he'd really kill the vibe at the party i think.

here's the finished picture.

i'm spreadin' this baby all over the interwebs.
it's also up at my livejournal, and i sent it off to rosemary travale too. so hopefully it will show up on her wordpress page here:

Friday, June 11, 2010

link is legend.


happy friday evening guys!
even though i work fridays, and friday is more like a wednesday to me, i'm still really jazzed when it rolls around.
years of 9-5/mon-fri society have brainwashed me.

i felt like drawing link.
and then i drew him slashing a goomba for no particular reason.
had anyone else played that game on newgrounds where it's a port of super mario bro.s but you can play it as link, samus, a contra guy, or simon belmont instead of mario?
it's awesome.
i'll try and edit in a link later...
or maybe i'll totally forget. time will tell.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the cake of five candles


i'm a little early, but i wanted to wish a happy birthday to legendary sword saint miyamoto musashi! june 13th is both the anniversary of his birth and his death, he would have been 426, and it still would have been most unwise to pick a fight with him.
which makes miyamoto a gemini, coincidentally he founded a sword style that used both the long and short swords, the niten ichi-ryu.
he shares a birthday with basil rathbone, also a famed swordsman, and actor.
interesting, no?

Friday, June 4, 2010

super fat head, baby.


i wimped out and bashed out a doodle of this fat head superman.

sarah says he has dead eyes. what do you think? should superman smile more with his eyes?