Tuesday, October 5, 2010

this post has horse hair and pyromania.

i've been goofing around with a soldering pen.
i burned this into a bit of balsa wood from a hobby store.  i wasn't well informed enough at the time to sand the surface before hand.  live and learn, i guess.  also, it's probably not a good idea to work with such a rough surface.
anyone know what this style of art is called?
which has to be the coolest title for an art style.
what if you got a doctorate in pyrography?
awesome points all around.

this guy below was mostly inked with a brush.
i never really got the hang of a brush.  i can see the appeal of them, the variation of line possible without ever switching tools is neat.  and the organic lines are good.  but the control just isn't there for me.  i think i'll stick with my dip pens and tech pens for now.

and last on this block is this guy.
he was going to be my update on friday, better late than never!
he's got a black hole in his chest.  i've got his story pretty well concepted, thanks to some script doctoring by my buddy dave.  now i just have to knuckle down and write his script up.
and refine his character sketch.  he's not all the way there for me yet.

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