Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holey Moley

Second post this month ... WHAT!!?
It's true, this week has been fun. I finally decided to tackle a few things in Photoshop that I've been dreading. But, Practice makes perfect and I I've got some perfect practice this weekend.
In the spirit of finishing things I have done some completions on "The Faun".

Turns out I was going about working on it the wrong way. After some time and some thought and ... some time, I found that most people fully render pieces with (you'll love this) The airbrush tool! That's right all this time I've been focused on painting in Photoshop with a vast array of tools and the main one used was the one I most dreaded working with.

With that said here are the results!

I have to say using this work flow solved a lot of problems and oh man is it fun!

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